Essential oils to help you sleep better

The medical community (as well as our parents!) have always emphasised the importance of sleep. A good night’s sleep boosts concentration levels and makes you better both mentally and physically.

But if you suffer from insomnia or feel like you’re constantly tossing and turning in the night, sleep seems like a dream that just won’t come true.

Luckily, there are plenty of relaxing essential oils to help you sleep better and drift off into the land of slumber this World Sleep Day.


Lavender essential oil is widely recognised in aromatherapy for its soothing aromatic qualities, believed to decrease your heart rate and blood pressure.

Its herbaceous, minty scent made it popular throughout the ages and was even once used to perfume Roman baths. This trend continues to this day, as it’s common to add a couple of droplets of oil into your bath or apply a small dab to your pillow and palms to benefit from its sleep-inducing effect.


If your feeling restless, jasmine is the perfect essential oil to help you sleep better. Grown in the regions of India, Morocco, Spain and France, its sweetly, floral scent is shown to lower levels of anxiety and stress while promoting sleep.

Jasmine potpourri and diffusers are a great way to inhale its calming scent from anywhere around the house – ensuring that once night falls, you’ll be in the mood to do nothing but sleep.

Chamomile Roman

The sweet, smoky yet apple-like scent of chamomile has worked as a sedative for years in fighting off insomnia and influencing us to get into our beds for a peaceful sleep. Simply sprinkle a few drops onto your pillow and fade into tranquillity.

As an immune-boosting drink, a warming cup of chamomile tea can  help reduce the chances of being inflicted with a cold too!


Another popular essential oil to help you sleep is vanilla. Not only does it smell heavenly and appetising when added to food (especially baked goods!) it can also be very beneficial to help you feel calmer and ease any breathing issues you may have.

Spray a light vanilla mist on your bed linen and on the underside of your pillows or add a few drops in your bath for a warming sweet smell that should lead to a comfortable sleep.

Lemon / Lemon balm

Surprisingly, citrusy scents and oils possess bright, cheery and refreshing qualities that can stimulate sleep depending on the type used and the individual’s preferences as most would consider them energy-boosting.

Similar to vanilla, lemons are hugely popular for cooking and its oil is obtained via cold pressing the peel for its pungent smell. The lemon aroma is proved to keep you calm and lemon balm is often blended with chamomile and lavender teas to relieve restlessness and sleep disorders.

Ylang Ylang

Extracted from the flowers of Cananga odorata – a tall plant that grows predominately in the Philippines, Réunion and the Comoro Islands – Ylang Ylang essential oil contains a rich, buttery and medicinal scent that not only helps you to fall asleep faster, but relieves anxiety and any built-up residing tensions.

This can be mixed with coconut or almond oil for an enriching lotion to be massaged on certain pressure points like the wrists and ears.

Zanos sells these and other high-quality essential oils to contract manufacturers who create the scents for bath and body, home care, and aromatherapy products, as well as flavourings for food products that we love to buy to avoid “counting sheep.”

If your business is interested in learning more about the essential oils and aroma ingredients we supply, please email  or speak to our Sales Specialists on 01565 755899.

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