Agan Aroma Chemicals

Agan Aroma prides itself as a tried and true partner maintaining long-term and sustainable relationships with their customers for nearly 40 years. Their specialties include a range of Astromusks (Galaxolide® type) as well as Atralone (Evernyl® type), Aganile (Peonile® type) and Ganolid (Tonalid® type). Based in Israel, the Agan brand continues to stand for excellence in research and development, the application of novel technologies and cutting-edge processes.


Ambernath Organics Pvt Ltd has been an industry trendsetter in India for over two decades and is the largest manufacturer of Methyl Anthranilate and Dimethyl Anthranilate. With a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility located near the seaport of Mumbai, Ambernath offers an attractive distribution arrangement with Indian and overseas markets. Thanks to innovative methodologies and solid chemical expertise, they have proven themselves as a cost-effective manufacturer whilst complying with international standards.


Chemshel has achieved a growing recognition in the international market since its launch in 2005 by manufacturing value-added products from natural resources available in India. After tapping into the production of Aleuritic Acid from Seedlac (a raw material of which India holds 80% of the world market share), it then progressed to manufacturing Ambrettolide, a macrocyclic musk. Today, it is recognized as a leading supplier of Ambrettolide to the global flavour and fragrance industry.


Since 1932, DRT (Derivés Résiniques & Terpéniques) have been global specialists in the sustainable development of gum rosin and turpentine extracted from pine resin as well as from the paper pulp industry. Specialists in plant-based chemistry, they recognise that the planet is their primary partner, thereby ensuring that environmental protection and ethical behaviour are central to their development. Key products include Dihydromyrcenol and a range of synthetic sandalwoods. Their US subsidiary, Pinova, supplies Abalyn (a specialist solvent) and Hercolyn D and DW (fixatives typically used in candle making to ensure a long-lasting scent and steady burn).

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Egyptian supplier Fridal started by growing aromatic plants in the 1950’s in response to the increasing demand of essential oils from overseas buyers, specifically Geranium. Since then, Fridal has become one of the biggest producers and exporters of essential oils and concretes (as well as herbs and spices). Committed to social responsibility and sustainability, the company uses 38 solar pumps, pumps water from wells into elevated reservoirs, and irrigates the land using gravity. Other highly-prized oils, absolutes and concretes which they supply include Jasmine, Basil, Blue Chamomile and Cumin Seed.

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Metadynea Austria is the regional market and technology leader in resins and a specialist in fine chemicals (High Purity Fine Chemicals). The combination of innovative technology and experience in complex rectification leads to products which are well established in various applications such as pharmaceuticals, agricultural uses, colourants and fragrance. They supply a range of linear aldehydes (including Aldehydes C6, C8, C10, C11 and C12) and Hydroxyacetone.


Moraya is a versatile manufacturing company with various verticals like manufacturing aroma chemicals, pharmaceutical intermediates and agro chemicals. By increasing efficiency, technology, and their expertise, Moraya, based in India, gradually started supplying speciality aroma chemicals to global perfumers. With further capacity, today Moraya is a bulk manufacturer of various speciality aroma chemicals including Indole and Skatole and their derivatives.

Payan Bertrand

Since 1854, Payan Bertrand has been passionate about exploring the best from nature, offering exceptional natural ingredients and fragrance compounds. Based in Grasse, France, the company focus on the treatment of local aromatic raw materials such as Jasmine, Rose, Violet Leaf, Mimosa, and their specialty, Flouve (hay). Over the years, it broadened its expertise on imported raw materials such as Patchouli, Tonka Beans, Ambrette Seed, and Styrax. Qualities available include essential oils, concretes, resinoids, absolutes, molecular distillates, 100% natural fractions and organic ingredients.

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