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Gilbert House Haig Road Knutsford Cheshire WA16 8DX UK

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Zanos specialises in sourcing and supplying high-quality natural essential oils and aroma chemicals for the UK and European flavour and fragrance industry.

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Zanos was founded in 2000 with over 25 years’ experience in the aroma chemical and speciality chemical industries. The company performs as a distributor, supplier and sourcing agent. Consequently the focus is sourcing and supplying high-quality natural essential oils and synthetic aroma chemicals.

Catering to the needs of a diverse range of customers, Zanos trades with registered companies as a B2B supplier.  Due to this the key areas of trade are in natural and synthetic flavour and fragrance ingredients and speciality chemicals.

In Autumn 2020, Stort Chemicals Limited, one of the UK’s most successful family-owned speciality chemical distribution companies, completed their acquisition of Zanos Ltd.  Combining their strengths, Stort Chemicals and Zanos Ltd have boosted their portfolio of aroma chemicals, speciality chemicals and natural ingredients. Both are positioned to extend their expertise post-Brexit in the UK and beyond.

Exclusive contracts with  essential oil producers are key to the natural ingredients business.  Payan Bertrand based in Grasse were founded over 160 years ago. This prestigious company produces and sources premium natural and organic ingredients, such as their speciality Flouve (Hay) Oil and Benzoin Resinoid.   Similarly, established links with our Egyptian essential oil supplier,  Fridal, allow us to offer geranium, jasmine and cumin seed essential oils.

With storage facilities across Europe, Zanos is able to offer a high-quality and professional service. Long-term relationships have been developed with several key producers in India and China. The synthetic aroma chemical product range reflects consistent quality and regular supply.

High standards are of paramount importance. Most noteworthy, the company is committed to comply with legal obligations and also be at the forefront of industry developments.  All products supplied by Zanos are REACH compliant. 

Developing long-term relationships with customers and suppliers and ensuring a reliable and professional service is something we strive for.

Our Products

Zanos specialises in the consultation, sourcing and distribution of perfume ingredients, essential oils, fragrance ingredients and aroma chemicals including Linalol, Citronellol, Benzyl Aclohol and more.

Natural Ingredients

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