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15TH AUGUST 2018

Lavender harvest time adds to supplies of ever-popular aroma ingredients

Summer is lavender harvest time and from July to September, crops will be harvested and a variety of aroma ingredients ...

23RD JULY 2018

What does REACH 2018 compliance mean for imported aroma chemicals?

REACH is the EU’s wide-ranging regulation on the use of chemicals in industry, manufacture, and many everyday uses like cleaning, ...

19TH JULY 2018

Five on-trend flavours for summer drinks and ice creams

It has already been a long hot summer in many parts of the UK and abroad, so it’s no surprise ...

9TH JULY 2018

Essential oils – Aphrodite’s own aroma ingredients

Aphrodite was the goddess of female beauty and pleasing scents, so it is perhaps little surprise that archaeological work that ...

13TH JUNE 2018

Smelling sweet this Father’s Day

The time of year has come again when people desperately want to spoil their dads on Father’s Day. Every year ...

5TH JUNE 2018

Ice cream in meltdown as vanilla crisis deepens

Vanilla is one of the most instantly recognisable flavour and fragrance ingredients, and is found in everything from air fresheners ...

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