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Scents that make us feel happy (World Mental Health Day)

This year, events around the world have tested us to remain upbeat and positive. As we find ourselves combatting a ...


Stort Chemicals Limited Announces Acquisition of Zanos Limited

Stort Chemicals Limited is pleased to announce the completion of the acquisition of Zanos Limited on 5th October 2020 to ...

26TH AUGUST 2020

Alluring synthetic musks

Often considered a versatile fragrance ingredient, musk possesses a powerfully seductive and attractive scent which cannot be detected by many ...

14TH AUGUST 2020

Sandalwood Oil and its synthetic substitutes

Sandalwood is a beautiful, creamy essential oil that is not only held in high regard because of the tree it ...

15TH JULY 2020

Natural Neroli Oil

An intensely floral, sweet, and citrusy aroma with murmuring notes of spice and honey, Neroli Oil is one of the ...

7TH JULY 2020

It’s harvest season for Egyptian Geranium Oil

July is finally here and that means it’s time to harvest one of the most popular aromatic ingredients of the ...

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