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Zanos join forces with Fridal

by Admin

Zanos are happy to announce that we will be working with Egyptian flavour and fragrance ingredients supplier Fridal, to provide a selection of essential oils from the company’s five processing plants and around 5,000 acres of privately owned cultivation land.

Fridal has half a century of heritage in the Egyptian flavour and fragrance ingredients market, with a major domestic share and existing international trade agreements in multiple locations worldwide.

It began in the 1950s in response to international demand for geranium oil – and this is one of the essential oils Zanos will be supplying from Fridal under our new agreement.

Other oils include basil, chamomile, cumin, jasmine, marjoram, parsley and tagetes, catering for some of the most in-demand natural ingredients used in modern perfumery and cosmetics.

Essential oils offer a unique aspect of a particular plant – its ‘essence’, hence the name – and pack its specific fingerprint of volatile aroma compounds into a highly concentrated liquid, often also known as an ethereal or volatile oil.

Fridal have spent the past half-century leading the way on the use of steam distillation to extract essential oils for use not only in flavour and fragrance applications, but also in the medical market.

In 2017 Fridal reaches the major milestone of 60 years as a supplier of essential oils, natural extracts and aroma chemicals, and now employs more than 850 people across its five locations in Egypt, giving it significant presence throughout the country.

The brand’s international agreements extend this presence to a truly global market, and Zanos are delighted to be able to bring this worldwide name to our own customers seeking any of the essential oils listed above.

As always, natural extracts require high-quality source materials, which in turn can only grow in certain climates and soils – which is why it is so important to work with suppliers wherever they can be found in the world.

Fridal’s laboratories and distillation sites can be found in the Western Desert, in the agricultural city of Beni Suef, capital of the Beni Suef Governorate, and in 6th of October City in Giza Governorate.

These evocative locations bring to mind pyramids rising from the desert sands, perfectly matching the timeless aspect of natural essential oils – yet modern processes ensure a high purity of finished product.

It is this careful steam distillation process, developed over the past six decades, that produces essential oils of the level of clarity we demand, making Fridal an excellent fit for the broader Zanos portfolio.

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