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28TH MAY 2019

Zanos head to the BSP One-Day Symposium

by Admin

Zanos are proud to be among the delegates at the British Society of Perfumers One-Day Symposium at Whittlebury Hall Hotel in Whittlebury, Towcester on Thursday, May 16th.

This is the 37th BSP One-Day Symposium and is a chance for representatives of the industry to consider some of the greatest challenges of the present day.

With a theme of ‘Sustainability of Natural & Synthetic Ingredients’, the symposium is not shying away from the big questions about where the aroma ingredients of future years will come from.

Already we have seen disruption to supplies from some parts of the world, for example the repeated difficulties encountered in the vanilla harvest due to severe weather, natural disasters and other hallmarks of climate change.

The big picture is one that must be faced head-on by the perfume industry as a whole, from the producers of popular aroma ingredients, to suppliers like Zanos who pride ourselves on obtaining sustainable and reliable stocks of key fragrance ingredients.

With this in mind, it is also great that some of Zanos’ principal suppliers are also among the delegates on the day, including DRT, Agan Aroma Chemicals and Payan Bertrand.


What’s on at the BSP One-Day Symposium?

The schedule for the symposium includes a series of presentations and keynote speeches looking at fragrances of the world and especially at feminine French fragrances over the years.

More generally, it is also an important networking opportunity for representatives of the British perfume ingredients industry as a whole, and delegates from international aroma ingredients producers.

Industry trends and new product announcements are all part of the agenda too, along with the coveted Perfumery Excellence Awards that recognise some of the best performers in perfumery.

And with Mental Health Awareness Week coinciding with the symposium, the BSP have chosen The MindEd Trust, a registered charity that works to prevent mental illness in young people and intervene with those facing traumatic experiences, as this year’s President’s Charity.

This helps to raise awareness and funds for this important charity alongside the day-to-day business of networking and new product launches by the symposium delegates.

Zanos are proud not only to be among the delegates at this event, but also to have this opportunity to meet with representatives from some of our principal suppliers against the picturesque backdrop of Whittlebury Hall Hotel.

As always, we will be attending many more industry events before the end of 2019, so watch this space for further announcements as the year goes on.

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