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The Valentine’s Day scents that say ‘I love you’

by Admin

Valentine’s Day is a key seasonal boost for the premium perfume market, with fragrances high on the list of popular gifts for partners on February 14th.

But what scent should you go for? Your partner might already have their signature scent, or there may be a fragrance bearing the name of their favourite singer, actor or other celebrity.

If not, here are some of the most romantic aroma ingredients to look out for, whether you are giving perfume, scented candles, bath bombs or some other fragranced gift for Valentine’s Day this year.

Rose Oil

Roses are arguably the most romantic flower of them all, so it stands to reason that rose essential oil makes a great addition to any romantic fragrance blend.

Combining distinctive scents from mainland Europe and North Africa, rose oil is produced in Iran, Bulgaria, Turkey and Morocco, but is instantly recognisable as a scent of home too.

It’s used in perfumes, and also as a flavour ingredient and in aromatherapy formulations, so there are plenty of options to choose from when finding the perfect rose-scented Valentine’s Day gift.

Ylang Ylang Oil

Another floral fragrance ingredient and often associated with aphrodisiac properties, ylang ylang oil is derived from the tropical tree of the same name.

In Indonesia, a wedding night tradition is to lay out ylang ylang flowers on the bridal bed – considered a surefire way to spark some passion following the wedding ceremony.


Patchouly – sometimes spelled patchouli – is bang on trend with its combination of sweet, earthy and musky scents, as you’ll know if you read our article about it back in December.

But it’s an especially strong contender as a Valentine’s Day aroma ingredient, thanks to its connections with incense, the hippy movement, and the 1960s – culminating in the Summer of Love


One of the most desirable aroma ingredients of recent years continues to perform well in premium perfumes – helped in no small part by the fact that it comes from the world’s most expensive wood.

Oud (also spelled oudh) is derived from agarwood and is another musky aroma ingredient, which again is very much on trend.

But it’s not just about the scent with this fragrance ingredient, as it also delivers a sense of luxury just by virtue of where it comes from – and is as suited to Valentine’s Day perfume gifts as it was to our pre-Christmas round-up of autumn aroma ingredients last October.

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