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14TH MARCH 2018

Unilever to publish UK fragrance ingredients online

by Admin

Unilever has announced plans to extend its fragrance ingredient transparency initiative by disclosing its French and UK fragrance ingredients for home care and personal care products online.

The UK and France will be the first two European countries to have full disclosure online of all fragrance ingredients used at concentrations of over 0.01% of the finished product weight, ahead of further roll-out across the rest of the continent.

David Blanchard, chief research and development officer at Unilever, said: “We know how important fragrances are to people – they want products that make them look good, feel good and smell good.

“We’re excited to take the next step in our transparency journey, delivering on our promise to give people the information they need to choose the right products for them.”

Over the remainder of 2018, Unilever’s other European markets will also gradually be incorporated into the fragrance disclosure initiative, so that by the end of the year, fragrance ingredients are published online for the whole continent.

Mr Blanchard added: “People want to know more about fragrance ingredients and how we create scents for the brands they love.”

What fragrance ingredients do Unilever use?

Unilever use a huge range of different fragrance ingredients across all of their product categories, but in an article previously published on their UK website, the brand explains why the category of fougere fragrances is so important to it.

This category includes scents like geranium and lavender, along with some woody notes, and is typical of what many people consider to be a ‘clean’ aroma – making it important in home and personal care products.

“If you use our Dove shampoo, you will recognise this scent,” Unilever states. “It became popular in the 1960s, and today is used widely to add a sense of cleanliness and freshness.”

The article goes into further detail about techniques like encapsulation, used to ensure fragrance ingredients are released gradually over time so that the impact of the aroma is experienced by the consumer at just the right moment.

Overall, Unilever says that aroma ingredients amount to between 0.2% and 1.5% of its products by weight – similar to the naturally occurring concentration of aroma compounds in basil leaves.

The upper end of this range is also similar to the natural concentration of aroma in orange peel, and around half the strength of the most subtle eau de colognes, which can range from 3% up to as high as 8%.

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