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Top 6 oils with medicinal benefits

by Admin

Essential oils can do more than just make your home smell nice, they can help you feel better emotionally, physically and mentally. Here are six of the most popular essential oils with their medicinal benefits:

  1. Calendula oil – If you suffer from the skin conditions psoriasis or eczema, try adding a few drops of this essential oil to your bath water. It’s inflammatory and can help heal wounds.
  2. Lavender oil – Putting a couple of drops of lavender oil on your pillow at night can help relax you and help you drift off to sleep quickly. It’s also antibacterial and can be dabbed on cuts and bruises to speed up healing time.
  3. Chamomile oil – This is another oil that can help you relax so you could put a couple of drops on your pillow. Chamomile tea can be immune-boosting and reduce your chances of suffering from a cold or virus.
  4. Tea Tree oil – If you have athlete’s foot, try dabbing on some tea tree oil. It’s antibacterial and can also be used to clear your skin. If massaged into your head it can stop your scalp flaking and stimulate hair growth.
  5. Frankincense oil – This wonder oil can help reduce stress and anxiety, boost your immune and digestive systems and help rejuvenate tired skin. Why not spritz some around your lounge or bedroom?
  6. Peppermint oil – If you have an upset stomach or are suffering from a cold, try inhaling some peppermint oil. It can also help relieve PMS symptoms and make your breath smell sweet.

Essential Oils

Zanos welcomes your enquiries for these and other essential oils. We offer a wide range of natural products for these and many other applications. or these and many other applications.

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