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The benefits of scents to help calm your mood

by Brandon

Thursday October 10th is World Mental Health Day 2019, and to coincide with this important day we are taking a look at some of the fragrance ingredients that are most closely associated with helping to calm the mind and mood.

First on the list is Geranium Oil, a seasonal aroma ingredient that’s linked with calming effects when just a few drops of Geranium Essential Oil are used.

Geranium Oil has a strong scent and as you might imagine, it is sweet and floral, and is often used as a substitute for Rose Oil.

In small quantities it is commonly regarded as therapeutic and calming, while in larger amounts it can have more stimulating effects, making it a versatile fragrance ingredient.

Why is Geranium Oil ideal for October?

Apart from its links with World Mental Health Day 2019 on October 10th, there are other characteristics that perfectly peg Geranium Oil to the Halloween month.

In Egypt, where Geranium Oil is harvested only once per year, new crops will be planted this month ready for next summer’s harvest.

Elsewhere though, Geranium Oil is harvested twice, and October-November will see the second harvest of 2019 take place.

As well as the essential oil, the flower has its fair share of spooky credentials too – in the 1600s it was often grown in Europe as a way to ward off evil spirits, and superstition says that if you see pots of geraniums close to a cottage, it’s a sign that a witch lives there.

Other aroma ingredients for mental health

Returning to World Mental Health Day, there are many more aroma ingredients and essential oils that are associated with positive impacts on mental health.

Just some examples include:


  • Basil, linked with enhanced mood and reduced anxiety, and revered in India.
  • Bergamot, a citrus essential oil used in traditional Chinese medicine to improve energy flow.
  • Jasmine, a common treatment in Asia for stress, anxiety, depression and insomnia.
  • Melissa, also known as Lemon Balm, and sometimes called the Elixir of Life for boosting the immune system while relieving worries and stress.
  • Ylang Ylang, which can help tackle headaches and increase feelings of comfort and joy.


Essential oils can be added in small amounts to room diffusers for immediate aromatherapy effects, and of course are popular aroma ingredients for all kinds of consumer products.

Their effects on mood and mental health will vary with individual tastes – but a favourite fragrance ingredient can become a familiar friend for many people whenever they need to calm their busy mind

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