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The benefits of Geranium Oil

by Admin

Geranium Oil is a highly popular fragrance ingredient, and Zanos has a limited stock of this essential oil following the recent acquisition of the Topaz International product portfolio.

We welcome any enquiries.

As a fragrance ingredient, Geranium Oil has been linked with stress relief and with alleviating symptoms of depression, as well as easing menopause symptoms.

But it goes further than acting as ‘just’ an aroma chemical, with some documented topical effects when applied to the body in various ways too.

For example, it can work along with Sandalwood and Lavender Oils as ingredients that are effective on dandruff and dry hair, making all three useful ingredients for conditioner formulas.

When vaporised and inhaled, the essential oil has been associated with anti-inflammatory effects, and studies have shown this to be safe, with fewer side effects than existing medications.

Mixed into a carrier such as Coconut Oil, directly applied Geranium Oil can have pain relieving effects on the skin and on nerves, for example those that are hurting following an outbreak of shingles.

It can even be consumed orally in small quantities to promote wound healing – it achieves this by slowing the flow of blood and increasing clotting in the wound.

Naturally if using Geranium Oil in this way, care must be taken to ensure it is not used by individuals who are already at high risk of blood clots, thrombosis and stroke.

Overall though, this much sought-after essential oil has a broad range of benefits and applications when used in certain specific ways.

As a recent addition to the Zanos fragrance chemicals portfolio, we are taking enquiries from all interested customers to add Geranium Oil to your next order, so you can start incorporating these benefits into your formulations too.

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