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The sweet smell of Organic September

by Admin

Organic September is underway and that means more people are trying out an organic lifestyle including food grown to organic standards, without the use of pesticides, and so on.

But it’s not just whole foods that can be certified organic – all manner of flavour and fragrance ingredients can be produced using organic methods too, and we are proud to stock organic aroma ingredients from major suppliers.

As internationally sourced products, these are not necessarily certified by the UK Soil Association, but rather by Ecocert, a certification body based in Europe that carries out inspections in more than 80 countries around the world.


Organic essential oils from Payan Bertrand


For over 160 years, Payan Bertrand have been producing and sourcing premium organic ingredients from Grasse.  We supply organic essential oils as part of their catalogue – these are certified by Ecocert and the US Department of Agriculture and include some of the most popular essential oils.  

The list includes bergamot, citronella, lavender, lemon, sage, tea tree, ylang ylang and many more, all of which you can see in the latest Payan Bertrand catalogue available to download from the Zanos website (see “Representation”), or just make an enquiry about any particular aroma ingredient you need in certified organic form.


Payan Bertrand organic natural isolates


In addition to their organic essential oils, Payan Bertrand produce a small number of organic natural isolates, including benzyl acetate, linalyl acetate and terpinyl acetate.

Their newly developed Process Elixir technology can also extract Petitgrain Paraguay from twigs and leaves, the first organic ingredient produced by Payan Bertrand in this way.


Herbarom 100% organic essential oils


We also supply Herbarom 100% organic essential oils.  Specialists in the creation of essential oils and production of plant extracts, these Herbarom products are also Ecocert certified and cover plenty of different fragrance categories, including herbs, mint, fruit, floral scents and woody aromas, among many others.

With Organic September underway, it’s the ideal time to renew your focus on using certified organic aroma ingredients to give your products a competitive edge in an environmentally aware market.

To find out more about the organic equivalents available for any flavour and fragrance ingredients you are already using, or to ask us about any of the organic ingredients we can supply, call Lisa Senior, our Naturals Sales Specialist at Zanos, on 01565 755 899.

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