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26TH JULY 2016

Summer smells – aroma ingredients for the season

by Admin

There are certain smells we associate with different times of year, from the spices and red berries of winter to the fresh smells of new growth in spring, and choosing the right aroma ingredients for the season can help new and limited edition products to fit their launch date.

So what aroma ingredients come to the fore in summer? With the sun high in the sky, gardens in bloom and the evenings seeming to last all the way to midnight, summer fragrances are often inspired by the abundance of nature, as well as being a little lighter and fresher than in the colder months.

Citrus is one of the go-to fragrances in warmer weather, with enough zest to power through humid and muggy conditions, and an aroma we naturally think of as ‘clean’. Orange, lemon, grapefruit and bergamot all fall into this category.

Other fruits suit the season too, from delicate apple and pear scents for the lightest of fragrances, to tropical and exotic aromas that bring to mind summer holidays – and of course coconut for sun creams, tanning products and moisturisers.

Spices can still have a place in the overall mix, so some of those winter fragrance ingredients can still be incorporated into ingredients lists.

They often apply more to male scents in summer, combined with wooden aromas particularly from Oriental species, and work to complement the body’s own natural odours rather than try to mask or erase them.

Finally, two more abstract aroma categories complete the shortlist of summer scents, both based on the abundant elements of the season.

Green fragrance ingredients – in the sense of the colour, not of being environmentally friendly – combine fresh-cut grass with the season’s explosion of leafy foliage and tree fruits.

And last but not least, marine fragrances bring some much-needed hydration to scents, from the saltwater of the ocean, to the spray of a waterfall, or that unique ozone aroma that hangs in the air after a storm.

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