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Stuck on Seaweed: Fucus in food and fragrances

by Brandon

Seaweed is a surprisingly versatile natural fragrance ingredient with uses in food, cosmetics and beyond – so what exactly is Seaweed Fucus?

Fucus is one of the main genuses of algae, found on the North Sea coast as well as North America and Canada, and many other locations around the world.

Historically, the seaweed was harvested and burned, to produce an ash that could be used in soap, fertilisers and glass production; more recently, bacteria collected from Fucus has been found effective in attacking MRSA infections.

In amongst all of that, there are plenty of common uses for Seaweed Fucus in cosmetics as a fragrance ingredient, and also in food production as a natural flavour ingredient.

Payan Bertrand Seaweed Fucus

Seaweed Fucus is an Absolute from Payan Bertrand in France, and one of several natural seaweed ingredients they produce.

Payan Bertrand Seaweed Laminaria is also available, which is derived from a different genus of kelp, and available as an Absolute and a Resinoid for use in flavour and fragrance applications.

Seaweed Fucus unsurprisingly has oceanic elements to it – that raw, salty aroma that we all associate with the seaside – and where it is used in more noticeable quantities, the products are usually a reflection of this.

Where is Seaweed Fucus used?

In smaller quantities, Seaweed Fucus can add a hint of sea air without dominating other fragrance ingredients in the mix, and as such it is often used to add a sense of natural freshness to perfumes and cosmetics, as well as household products.

But it can also be used in greater concentrations when you want the seaweed to be a standout fragrance ingredient, and this is often seen in products with dermatological benefits.

For example, you may include Seaweed Fucus in larger amounts in lotions, creams and mud packs, either alone or in combination with sea minerals; even when it is not included as an active ingredient, seaweed Absolute can give a characteristic scent to such products as a natural aroma ingredient.

As an Absolute, Seaweed Fucus is also suitable for use in liquids, and along with sea minerals, it is not uncommon to see it in almost every kind of haircare product.

From ‘natural’ shampoos and conditioners, to hair sprays and spritzes that promise to give a ‘beach hair’ effect, the oceanic aroma of Seaweed Fucus is elemental and evocative whether used on its own or as part of a blend of coastal scents.

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