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13TH JUNE 2018

Smelling sweet this Father’s Day

by Admin

The time of year has come again when people desperately want to spoil their dads on Father’s Day. Every year millions of people hit the high streets and search online for that special gift that will make their dad or partner feel appreciated.

What scents are hot right now?

Chocolate and coffee flavoured scents have been gaining in popularity over the last few months and are tipped for the top this Father’s Day. Many men are huge coffee drinkers and love indulging in some dark chocolate when they get the opportunity so a fragrance that refers to this is bound to get the thumbs up. A coffee or chocolate aroma can be seductive and alluring.

The big fragrance houses have their own coffee and chocolate inspired fragrances. These include:

Armani Attitude from Giorgio Armani. This combines lemon and coffee with hints of cardamom and lavender. It’s arguably one of Armani’s best ever scents.

Chocolate Greedy by Montale. This fragrance blends the aromas of coffee, cacao, tonka beans, bitter orange, lemon and dried fruits.

Chocolat by Il Profvmo. This is an oriental vanilla fragrance for both men and women which contains the aromas of tangerine, galbanum, nutmeg, sandalwood, plum jasmine, rose, cacao with a subtle base note of vanilla.

Looking to create your own scent?

Zanos has over 25 years’ experience, sourcing and distributing natural fragrance ingredients, aroma chemicals and speciality chemicals. We can offer these products from our extensive range of natural and synthetic aroma ingredients to create an authentic scent that will have customers licking their lips.

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