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20TH AUGUST 2018

Scents of summer – What scents bring back happy holiday memories?

by Admin

Each season has its own iconic scents – the spices of winter, the greenery of spring, and autumn with its pumpkin spice and petrichor.

But what are the scents of summer? It’s a season that celebrates some of the most edible aroma ingredients, as well as fragrances that bring to mind beach holidays and days spent in the sun.


1. Coconut

Top of the list when the sun shines is probably coconut, beloved of body butters and sun screens alike – not to mention nature’s own scented moisturiser, coconut oil.

It evokes images of palm trees and desert islands, but it’s become such a familiar summer aroma ingredient that you don’t have to get cast away in order to enjoy its refreshing fragrance, as many of us walk around smelling of coconut for much of the season while locking much-needed moisture into our sun-baked skin.


2. Scorched Earth

Petrichor has become a buzz word but it needs two things – parched earth and heavy rains – and for much of the main part of summer, you’re likely to get the former without the latter.

Because of this, it’s often sensible to focus on dry, earthy tones when trying to evoke a sense of summer scents, while leaving the refreshing rainfall fragrances until the autumn.


3. Ocean Spray

An exception to that rule is salty seawater scents, which inevitably inspire thoughts of the beach and of swimming in the ocean, and can be found in everything from hair styling products to air fresheners.

Many oceanic-inspired products incorporate minerals and even aroma ingredients like seaweed to give a more rounded olfactory experience that fully captures the complexities of a day at the beach.


4. Gardens and Glades

Spring is arguably the season of new floral growth, but summer is when those scents really bloom in quantity – not to mention the harvest time for one of the most popular floral aroma ingredients of them all, lavender.

Combining floral aroma ingredients gives you an endless variety of olfactory bouquets, allowing you to build a fragrance based around a woodland glade, a summer meadow or a traditional country garden.


5. Smoke

Smokey scents are a great way to inspire summertime sensations without opting for the lighter, fruitier fragrance ingredients of the season.

Choose woody smoke aroma ingredients to bring barbecues and bonfires to mind, especially when combined with the earthy and woodland categories mentioned above.

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