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The Rising Popularity of Celebrity Perfumes

by Admin

Celebrity perfumes have always been big business, but the market now is larger than ever, with everyone from Beyonce to Sarah Jessica Parker releasing their signature scent – so what are the aroma ingredients that help you to smell like your favourite star?

Beyonce – Shimmering Heat

The latest in Beyonce’s enduring line of ‘Heat’ fragrances launched in 2017 and continues the trend of using orchids as the core aroma, which Heat perfumes have done since 2010.

In this case it is the Blue Mystique orchid combined with floral fragrance ingredients like rose, jasmine and lily of the valley, on a base of patchouli, vanilla, oak moss and musk.

Packaged in pale blue and with a fairytale appearance, Shimmering Heat aims to capture the sensation of seeing a sequinned Beyonce step into the spotlight on stage for the first time – a high ambition to aim for.

Kim Kardashian West – KKW

The star known to many simply as Kim Kardashian launched her KKW fragrance label toward the end of 2017 with an initial release that blended Crystal Gardenia aroma ingredients including Crystal Gardenia Citrus and Crystal Gardenia Oud.

Just in time for Valentine’s Day 2018, the second fragrance landed, and promptly sold out. Kimoji Hearts BFF combined wild berries and crisp apple, with pink rose petals, pear blossom, and a ‘contoured finish’ of cedarwood and vanilla marshmallow notes.

Rihanna – RiRi Kiss

Floral and citrus scents are also apparent in Rihanna’s latest addition, RiRi Kiss. Designed to convey the singer’s confident attitude and sense of style, it’s built around orange blossom, gardenia and peony, with other aroma ingredients including woody notes and plum.

Gardenia and cedarwood are both listed among the fragrance ingredients in RiRi Kiss, giving it undeniable similarities with some of the influences found in Kardashian’s KKW perfumes too.

Sarah Jessica Parker – Stash

The recently released Stash by Sarah Jessica Parker has a musky base that combines vetiver, massoia wood and olibanum – there’s also a heart of patchouli and cedarwood atlas, again aroma ingredients that appear in celebrity perfumes with considerable regularity.

Stash also has pistachio and ginger lily at its heart, with top notes of sage, black pepper and grapefruit zest. A little deeper and more mysterious than the light and playful citrus scents already mentioned above, it still has those hallmarks – the citrus of grapefruit, the woody notes and the musk base – that seem to be the core of the celebrity fragrance market at the moment.

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