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23RD JULY 2018

What does REACH 2018 compliance mean for imported aroma chemicals?

by Admin

REACH is the EU’s wide-ranging regulation on the use of chemicals in industry, manufacture, and many everyday uses like cleaning, clothing, electrical appliances and furniture.

With – appropriately enough – such a far reach, it is likely that many companies are affected to some extent by REACH, even if you do not produce chemicals yourself.

“REACH places the burden of proof on companies,” the European Chemicals Agency states. “To comply with the regulation, companies must identify and manage the risks linked to the substances they manufacture and market in the EU.”

The acronym stands for Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals and, while the regulation itself dates back to June 1st 2007, this year is a significant one for REACH registration.


What is REACH 2018?

REACH registrations have been phased in over a ten-year period, ending in 2018. This was the third major milestone deadline of the phase-in decade:

  • By November 30th 2010, large-volume manufacturers and importers, plus the most hazardous chemicals, were required to be compliant with REACH.
  • By May 31st 2013, medium-volume manufacturers and importers (between 100 and 1,000 tonnes per year) also had to register.
  • As of May 31st 2018, ALL manufacturers and importers of more than one tonne of chemicals per year are required to be compliant with REACH.
    • If you manufacture or import products that contain specific chemicals, you may need to register these individually.
    • Pre-registrations made prior to these deadlines are no longer valid. A full registration is required for all chemicals at above 1 tonne per year that are manufactured within or imported from outside the EU  

Importantly, now the deadline has passed, anybody who registers late must stop working with the relevant chemicals until their REACH registration is processed – otherwise they are acting illegally.

Pre-registered chemicals that have been imported into the EU prior to the May deadline may be sold, but no further quantities imported until registration has been made.


Legally imported aroma chemicals under REACH

Imported aroma chemicals from outside of the EU, plus those manufactured in quantities of more than one tonne within the EU, are covered by REACH.

That means if your supplier is not REACH-compliant, you may be unknowingly handling illegal imports – and if they attempt to register now, they will have to stop transporting the relevant chemicals until a registration has been completed.

Zanos are fully REACH-compliant, allowing us to continue to transport and distribute all quantities of aroma chemicals from reputable manufacturers the world over.

Whether chemicals from Asia or essential oils produced within the EU in continental Europe, we make sure we comply with all of the relevant legislation, and can provide you with the documents you need to prove compliance too.

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