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Our pick of the top autumn aroma ingredients

by Brandon

If spring is green and fresh and summer is floral, then autumn is where aroma ingredients start to become much more complex, with the spices we associate with hearty food and the smokiness of log fires and incense coming together to create rich and rewarding perfumes.

Whether it’s eau de toilette for an end-of-year party or a scented candle to fill the home with fragrance, these are our pick of the aroma ingredients that will see us all through the remainder of the year and into the holiday season.

1. Spices and Citrus

Autumn is the time when citrus flavours and fragrances go from clean and crisp to spiced and sultry, but the fruits remain the same: lemon, orange, grapefruit and so on.

The complementing spices are the usual suspects too, including cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg and cloves, and these can also work well with seasonal red berries for a slightly different fruity complex.

2. Apple Aroma Ingredients

For an autumnal twist on apple aroma ingredients, there are a few options. Agan’s Aleol Acetate is a pale to colourless liquid with a fruity apple scent, while Hexanal (Aldehyde C-6) from Metadynea offers a fruity odour with a mix of flavours including apple, citrus and wood.

3. Woody Scents

Outside it’s all wet wood and fallen leaves, but in terms of fragrance ingredients, the warmth of wood species native to locations across the Eastern Hemisphere has become synonymous with the autumn season.

Payan Bertrand have several cedarwood and sandalwood scents that bring a flavour of the Middle East and add depth and substance to aroma recipes of all types.

DRT Aroma Chemicals division also supply products with the olfactive note of woody/sandalwood/amber such as Sylvamber ®, Fixamber ®, Sanderol RH®, Dersanstol ®, Matsunol ® and Acsantol ®.

4. Indonesian Aromas

Staying in the east, Indonesia is the source of several seasonal aromas for autumn and again, Payan Bertrand are one of the go-to suppliers for these supplying their Terima Kasih range of products.

Good examples for autumn aroma ingredients include Patchouli Aceh Oil, which has hints of cocoa; Nutmeg Java Oil for a spiced and nutty aroma; and Vetiver Java Oil which brings woody scents from the roots, with minimal smoky notes underneath.

5. Oud, Frankincense & Myrrh

Looking ahead to more Christmassy scents, oud remains very much on-trend, bringing the musky aroma of agarwood to all manner of perfumed products.

Frankincense takes its name from ‘high-quality incense’ and has obvious historical connections, as well as calming, soothing properties.

Modern myrrh isn’t exactly the same as it was in biblical times, but it still has those same historical connections, with complex, balsamic tones that are warm and welcoming for the winter months ahead.

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