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Organic September puts the spotlight on organic essential oils

by Brandon

Every year, the Soil Association runs a month-long campaign called Organic September to promote and educate people about organic food and farming practices.  This can also be applied to other organic sectors such as the production of organic flavour and fragrance ingredients including organic essential oils.

Methods used in essential oil production overlap with those used when farming crops. This means sticking to principles such as:

  • Natural fertilisers and fewer pesticides
  • No genetically modified crops
  • Wildlife-friendly farms and fields
  • Regular inspections to ensure EU compliance

It is believed that organic oils are superior to their non-organic counterparts in terms of quality, fragrance and healing properties.  Certified organic essential oils are steam distilled or cold pressed from plants that are grown without pesticides.

Organic September is an ideal opportunity to set out new environmental ambitions for your brand.  You can improve sales and brand perception in an ethical way, all while ensuring your supply chain activities are sustainable in environmental terms.

Organic essential oils – our source from France

Zanos Ltd’s key supplier of organic essential oils is Payan Bertrand based in Grasse, France – recently recognised by UNESCO as a World Heritage site thanks to its importance in the history of perfumery.

Covering everything from bergamot, lavender, tea tree to ylang ylang, Payan Bertrand offer over 20 organic essential oils including the organic isolated constituents Linalyl Acetate and Terpinyl Acetate.

These products carry European (EcoCert) certification which is recognised by the Soil Association, giving them UK-specific credentials as organic essential oils for use in the UK domestic market.  Payan Bertrand ensure the quality and traceability of all purchased raw materials. The company is also 100% family-owned with a high level of expertise thanks to its dedicated and passionate staff.

Beyond organic

Payan Bertrand have been producing premium natural ingredients for 165 years, long before organic standards were set out.  Aside from organic oils, they also offer 100% pure and natural essential oils as well as traditional absolutes and resinoids.

Do let us know which organic or natural essential oil you are interested in by viewing the current Payan Bertrand product catalogue

Or contact us at or call 01565 755899.

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