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Order aroma chemicals with confidence thanks to Zanos’ professional affiliations

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At Zanos we are rightfully proud of the high quality of the aroma chemicals we supply, and to make sure you have full confidence in all of our fragrance ingredients up front, we maintain several professional affiliations and accreditations with leading organisations in the chemicals industry worldwide.


The British Essential Oils Association was established in 1978 and acts as a forum to facilitate communication between the UK and European governments and the Essential Oils industry, both to protect the interests of the industry and to improve it over time as well.

With the assistance of the BEOA and greater sharing of knowledge, members are able to keep aware of the growing amount of legislation that applies to the use of essential oils, in both the fragrance and flavour industries.


The British Society of Perfumers is the trade body for one of our main domestic markets, and Zanos’ Director Julian Sarkar holds individual associate membership.

Zanos also participate in the BSP One Day Symposium, an annual event that allows us to support the aroma chemical manufacturers from all over the world who we represent within the UK market.


The Chemical Business Association UK represents companies at all levels within the domestic chemicals industry and in international trade beyond the UK’s borders, with a focus on adhering to standards of ethics and professional excellence.

Zanos joined the Responsible Care programme in 2008, which coordinates global efforts to hold the entire chemical industry to a commitment to improve health and safety, as well as environmental performance.


DVRH is the German Association of Fragrance Providers, and Zanos holds associate membership – which serves as more than just a symbolic membership.

In order to be a part of the DVRH, members must be certified as complying with the IFRA Code of Conduct, effectively allowing DVRH membership to serve as proof of certification in its own right.


The International Federation of Essential Oil and Aroma Trades promotes best practice in the industry, maintains discussion forums to share expertise and drive debate, and offers exclusive services to those operating in the sector too.

As members of IFEAT, Zanos are able to access all of these different services and areas, and Julian regularly travels to the IFEAT international conference, an annual event attended by members and industry representatives from all over the world.

Membership of these various global, domestic and sector-specific organisations allows Zanos to make our voice heard at some of the highest profile industry events.

We are able to access suppliers with the highest quality fragrance ingredients and high purity essential oils, wherever they are located in the world, and meet with them face to face at conventions and general meetings.

Best of all, it allows us to demonstrate to our partners and customers that we are committed to the highest standards not only in our own work, but also in driving commitment to best practice and policy throughout the global chemicals business.

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