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Why musk will be back in 2018

by Brandon

Musk is one of the most powerful fragrance ingredients and a perennial favourite, finding its way into scents for both men and women, and the 2017 crop of perfumes was no different.

There was White Musk from Body Shop, which the company calls its “number one iconic fragrance”, while Diesel’s Fuel For Life Pour Femme is a feminine cologne with musk and patchouli base notes.

As an important perfume ingredient, musk is more than just a fragrance ingredient selected for its aroma – it also acts as a fixative, helping to hold the smell of the other, more delicate ingredients in place for longer.

But with animal welfare high on the agenda, it is also a product that has undergone essential changes over the years, so that it is no longer derived from the male musk deer.

Where do you get musk from?

The musk used in most modern day perfumes and other fragranced products is a synthetic aroma chemical, designed to recreate the smell and characteristics of natural musk, without being derived directly from an animal source.

Examples include those from the Astromusk range by Agan Aroma Chemicals. Astromusk® DEP is the equivalent of   Musk G or Galaxolide ®and comes as a colourless, viscous liquid, while Astromusk® IPM uses Iso propyl myristate as a solvent, more acceptable nowadays given the controversy surrounding phthalates.

Both represent versatile aroma chemicals which, like natural musk, provide long-held persistence and stability, allowing them to act as a fixative for other aroma ingredients.

Musk in 2018

Why will musk remain hugely significant as a fragrance ingredient in 2018? Well its social justice implications are worth taking into account.

Synthetic musks like Galaxolide® and the Astromusk® range satisfy concerns about animal welfare, as they are not derived from deer but serve as a direct substitute for the natural equivalent.

Musk as a base aroma also keeps on trend with the blurring of gender boundaries – and could even be used as a fixative in perfumes and colognes that target a unisex customer base.

And finally, the association of musk with activity and athleticism lends itself to customers who aim to keep fit over the coming 12 months, while also bringing to mind the classic scents of India and the Orient for those with travel on their mind.

With several synthetic aroma chemicals to choose from, the Astromusk ®range allows you to select the perfect fixative for each product, with consistently reliable chemical performance but subtle differences on the nose, for total control over the finished perfume whichever customer base you aim it at.

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