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How the Hygge trend calls on cosy fragrance ingredients

by Admin

‘Hygge’ is a Danish and Norwegian concept that has gained prominence in the UK since 2016, when it was one of Collins Dictionary’s top ten words of the year, and it has plenty of significance for fragrance ingredients and for the kinds of products made using the most familiar and homely aroma ingredients.

The word itself may share its origins with ‘hug’ and for the pronunciation, think of the start of the name Hugo, with the end of the name Helga.

It’s a mass noun – not an adjective – and refers to a sense of cosiness, familiarity and that unplaceable sense of ‘home’ or of being among friends.

This slightly abstract meaning is especially important in Danish culture, where hygge is a way of life, a way to promote emotional wellbeing and a crucial way to get through the long, dark winters in high spirits.


Five of the best Hygge fragrance ingredients

When we say ‘Hygge fragrance ingredients’ here, we are not just talking about the aroma ingredients in their own right, but thinking about the kind of homely, relaxing and reassuring products that might be made from them, as ultimately this is what inspires a sense of hygge in the hearts and minds of those who smell them.

For example, five of the best Hygge fragrance ingredients in winter and at any time of year include:

  • Coffee. Rich, warm and social, the smell of fresh ground coffee on a cold day is many people’s go-to Hygge aroma, while of course tea is a common equivalent too.
  • Vanilla. Another perennially popular scent, vanilla reminds many of us of childhood summer holidays, ice cream, custard and other homely treats.
  • Lavender. Floral and feminine, and for many people an instant reminder of mum or of grandma thanks to its inclusion in so many soaps and scents.
  • Mixed Spice. From the sweetness of cinnamon to earthy nutmeg and the heat of ginger, cake spices are reminders of winter baking and rich fruit cake on a dark, cold day.
  • Smoke. From bonfires and campfires, to the dancing flames of candles or an open fire in the hearth, smoke is a reassuring scent of other humans nearby.

There is no guarantee that any one recipe will elicit hygge-like emotions in any particular person, but by layering rich, complex bases with some of these most familiar and homely of aroma ingredients, you can give your products the best possible chance of reminding customers of childhood, home, family and friends.

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