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13TH APRIL 2018

Flavour and fragrance ingredients for vegan beauty products

by Admin

Veganism is more than just a dietary choice – while many people who identify as ‘vegetarian’ might wear leather shoes, or compromise when it comes to products that contain gelatin, a truly vegan lifestyle means avoiding all animal-derived products, and that includes flavour and fragrance ingredients.

The fragrance ingredients industry has a strong history of finding synthetic alternatives to natural animal aroma ingredients, with perhaps the most famous being musk, which is now almost exclusively derived from synthetic sources.

But there are still many aroma ingredients that can be traced back to animal sources, and finding suitable alternatives to these can give your products the edge in an increasingly aware market.

With over half a million vegans in the UK and rapidly growing awareness of the lifestyle, roughly one in 100 Britons of all ages are now vegan – a small but significant minority market worth targeting, or at least catering for.

Payan Bertrand vegan aroma ingredients

Zanos stock Payan Bertrand aroma ingredients which adhere to ethical commitments regarding natural sourcing – so if you need vegan aroma ingredients, the Payan Bertrand catalogue is a good place to start.

Payan Bertrand say: “Fully knowing the need for the best possible in-depth understanding of our ingredients, the use of the phrase ‘ethical sourcing’ indicates our deep knowledge of, and alignment with, our supply channels.

“The social, economic and environmental factors associated with our products are fully recognised, and this strengthens the involvement and commitment of Payan Bertrand in our supply channels.”

Zanos are equally committed to ensuring that when you need vegan aroma ingredients, we are able to cater for that need – whether it is from Payan Bertrand’s range, or from the many other fragrance ingredients we have in stock.

Vegan alternatives to fragrance ingredients

As mentioned above, vegan fragrance ingredients can often provide a substitute for aromas that were formerly derived from animal sources, and modern synthetic aroma chemicals have the complexity and depth of scent that you would expect from their equivalent natural source.

This means you can often directly substitute a vegan-friendly fragrance chemical for an animal-derived aroma ingredient, without altering the overall fragrance profile of the product.

If you need any guidance on how to achieve this for a particular scent, or to find out if there is a vegan equivalent available to any specific aroma ingredient you currently use, please contact our expert team at Zanos and we will be happy to help on 01565 755 899 or

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