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Fighting giant spiders with essential oils

by Admin

In this week’s episode of Doctor Who, we were excited to see the Doctor and team use essential oils from a spa to fight giant spiders. The specific essential oils they used were peppermint and tea tree oils which have been known to have spider repelling properties.

The science behind this, is that “essential oils have monoterpenoids, substances that naturally repel quite a number of bugs. These monoterpenoids are also fumigants which makes them deadly to pests. And because of this, they’re treated as a main ingredient in a lot the pesticides that we buy in our local supermarkets.*”

As well as this, another reason these particular essential oils work against spiders is because they smell and taste through their legs, therefore spraying the oil onto the surfaces they could go on often repels them because they hate the smell and taste of the oils.

Later in the episode, it was also mentioned that spiders don’t like garlic, but since most people don’t want their home to smell of garlic, we have a blog on alternative essential oils to garlic, which you can read here.

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