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Essential oils to keep spooky spiders and creepy crawlies out

by Brandon

Many of us will be spending more time indoors over the coming weeks as the weather turns increasingly autumnal and wintry, so it’s no surprise that other members of the animal kingdom take a liking to our dry, centrally heated homes too.

It’s an old wives’ tale that conkers placed around the home can keep spiders away – or is it? Plenty of people swear by it, and here are five essential oils that you might want to try to achieve a similar effect, with an added bonus of bringing some seasonal scent into your home.

1. Cinnamon

Arguably the single most seasonal aroma ingredient for this time of year, cinnamon’s spice and strength make it particularly irritating to spiders.

It’s a warming, welcoming aroma ingredient for most humans though, and if your spider problem is at its worst in the kitchen, cinnamon is exactly the kind of ‘edible’ aroma that won’t be distracting or overpowering while you’re cooking.

Try: Herbarom Essential Oils Cinnamon Bark/Leaf


2. Eucalyptus

Eucalyptus is best known to most of us as an ingredient in remedies for blocked noses and sore throats, often alongside menthol, and it has minty tones of its own along with sweeter, honey scents.

The minty aspects of this essential oil can keep spiders away and aside from menthol, it blends well with tea tree and cinnamon, so you don’t have to use it on its own.

Try: Eucalyptus Oils from Herbarom and Payan Bertrand


3. Lavender

If spicy and minty aroma ingredients are too strong, lavender is an alternative. It’s less directly seasonal, but it brings to mind the ‘smellies’ that we all often give as gifts at Christmas.

Both lavender and rose are effective spider repellents, and subtle enough to go almost unnoticed in the room, while bringing a freshness to the air.

Try: Payan Bertrand Lavender Oil/Rose Oil


4. Garlic

Before we reach Christmas, there’s Halloween, and if you want to avoid spider bites, garlic is as effective on tiny fangs as it is on vampires!

The natural compound allicin repels spiders, mosquitoes and other flying insects, and has a cleansing effect against bacteria too.

Try: Herbarom Garlic Essential Oil


5. Citronella

One of the best all-purpose natural repellent scents for insects and an aroma that irritates spiders too as it adheres to the tiny hairs on their legs.

Just be careful if you have cats, as citrusy aromas are irritating to their sensitive noses too – but if your house is cat-free, citronella should help to keep it bug-free too.

Try: Payan Bertrand Citronella Oil

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