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24TH MARCH 2020

Cyclozonal and Cyclademol – The natural synthetic aroma chemicals

by Brandon

Synthetic aroma ingredients come from a variety of different sources and, in the case of Cyclozonal and Cyclademol, those origins are natural.

Both are produced using turpentine, which is in turn of natural origin and comes from pine trees.   This gives both aroma chemicals sustainability credentials:

  • Cyclozonal contains a 77% proportion of renewable carbon ingredients.
  • Cyclademol contains 100% renewable carbon ingredients.

Zanos supply both of these aroma ingredients from the producer DRT, which has clear commitments to sustainability, responsibility, ethics and integrity.

How DRT commit to sustainability

DRT prioritise plant-based origins for their flavour and fragrance ingredients, in contrast to non-renewable origins like petrochemical source materials.

The company’s policy for sustainable growth says: “With our plant-based products, which represent sustainable alternatives to those of the petroleum industry, products which we develop through processes which respect the environment, we demonstrate that economic and social responsibility are entirely compatible.

“What is our trademark has become a powerful argument for all manufacturers wishing to pursue a sustainable approach.”

By deriving both Cyclozonal and Cyclademol from turpentine produced by pine trees, DRT ensure a sustainable supply for the future as more trees can be planted as required.

About the fragrance ingredients

Both Cyclozonal and Cyclademol are supplied as clear, colourless or pale yellow/amber liquids which should have little to no impact on the colour of the finished product.


Cyclozonal is supplied in 190kg coated drums and can be stored for up to a year under normal temperature conditions without losing its stability.

Its aroma is described as marine and agrestic – which relates to fields, rural areas and the countryside – as well as aldehydic which allows it to lift perfume notes in finished products.


Cyclademol is supplied in 170kg coated drums and can be stored for up to two years under normal temperature conditions without losing its stability.

It has a minty odour described as camphoraceous – a smell many people find pleasantly nose-tingling and comforting.

Cyclademol is particularly stable when used in acidic media, which makes it a useful aroma ingredient for products with a low pH level including functional fragrances.

Order Cyclozonal and Cyclademol

To add Cyclozonal or Cyclademol to your order, contact Zanos today by emailing us at  or speak to our Sales Specialists on 01565 755899 and we will be happy to discuss the quantities you need of these versatile fragrance ingredients.

Although they are considered synthetic aroma ingredients, remember they are derived from natural sources that are renewable in nature.

Because of this, they offer excellent sustainability credentials, which helps to ensure a reliable supply of Cyclozonal and Cyclademol alike in the future.

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