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Gilbert House Haig Road Knutsford Cheshire WA16 8DX UK

Zanos News

1ST MAY 2018

Zanos take steps to seamlessly supply EU after Brexit

Zanos have spent more than half a million pounds over the past decade making sure that we comply with the ...

13TH APRIL 2018

Flavour and fragrance ingredients for vegan beauty products

Veganism is more than just a dietary choice – while many people who identify as ‘vegetarian’ might wear leather shoes, ...

27TH MARCH 2018

What perfume ingredients are in the best-known fragrances?

Many of us have a signature scent we choose to wear every day, or on special occasions, and finding that ...

14TH MARCH 2018

Unilever to publish UK fragrance ingredients online

Unilever has announced plans to extend its fragrance ingredient transparency initiative by disclosing its French and UK fragrance ingredients for ...


The Rising Popularity of Celebrity Perfumes

Celebrity perfumes have always been big business, but the market now is larger than ever, with everyone from Beyonce to ...

19TH JULY 2017

RHS fever hits the fragrance fraternity of Knutsford

The home of our headquarters, Knutsford, is currently gripped with RHS fever as the famous flower show hits Tatton Park ...

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