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Gilbert House Haig Road Knutsford Cheshire WA16 8DX UK


17TH MARCH 2017

Benefits of Juniper Oil

Juniper Oil can be obtained from several different parts of the Juniper plant, including the wood and needles, as well ...

22ND APRIL 2016

Zanos attends BEOA 2016

Zanos heads to the BEOA Annual Symposium Zanos will be joining other representatives of the essential oils industry this Friday ...

24TH MARCH 2016

Sourcing Perfume Ingredients

Sourcing perfume ingredients for high-quality products is more important than ever in a savvy consumer market, where shoppers are increasingly ...


Zanos and the BEOA

Zanos joined the British Essential Oils Association (BEOA) in November 2015, bringing greater peace of mind to our customers that ...

21ST JULY 2015

Zanos marks 15 years in the aroma chemicals industry

July marks Zanos’ anniversary in the aroma chemicals industry – and in 2015, it’s our 15th year, a milestone we ...

12TH JUNE 2015

Methyl anthranilate – A Farmer-friendly fragrance ingredient

Methyl anthranilate is known to many people as a fragrance ingredient used to add the flavour or aroma of grape, ...

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