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aroma chemicals

17TH JULY 2017

Capturing the aroma of paper money

The current generation are the last to have the opportunity to smell the aroma of paper money, as the £10 ...


Top 6 oils with medicinal benefits

Essential oils can do more than just make your home smell nice, they can help you feel better emotionally, physically ...

25TH AUGUST 2016

Zanos services: Sourcing, Distribution and Consultation

Zanos are more than just suppliers of essential oils and perfume ingredients; we offer speciality services to help you make ...

23RD AUGUST 2016

Zanos bring the best speciality chemicals from across the globe

The very nature of speciality chemicals means that there may not be many places to find them worldwide – so ...

6TH JUNE 2016

What functional products use fragrance creations?

Fragrance creations are not just for luxuries like perfume – they also serve a very practical purpose in a wide range ...

22ND APRIL 2016

Zanos attends BEOA 2016

Zanos heads to the BEOA Annual Symposium Zanos will be joining other representatives of the essential oils industry this Friday ...

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