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17TH MARCH 2017

Benefits of Juniper Oil

by Admin

Juniper Oil can be obtained from several different parts of the Juniper plant, including the wood and needles, as well as distillation from the fruits, which is often named specifically as Juniper Berry Oil.

The berries are best known to many people as the defining ingredient in gin – arguably the drink that owes the most of its character to flavour and fragrance ingredients and ‘botanicals’ – but the essential oil itself has a fresh, clean aroma that is compared to everything from lemon-scented cleaning products, to the natural surroundings of an evergreen forest.

In its raw form as an aroma ingredient, this can make Juniper Oil calming and quite grounding, with the warmth of a woody aroma and the revitalising edge that comes from its spicier notes.

This detoxifying effect is not only spiritual – Juniper Essential Oil is also linked with benefits for bodily functions, including the kidneys and urinary tract.

On the outside, Juniper Berry works as a skin toner, diminishes the appearance of blemishes, reduces inflammation and can help to treat acne and eczema.

Antiseptic Effects of Juniper Oil

Juniper Oil has been used historically in the treatment of war wounds and injuries sustained by mother and child during difficult labours, as well as injured athletes.

It is associated with preventing tetanus and keeping wounds from becoming septic; it is also associated with the prevention of cramp, relaxing muscles and reducing spasms.

A long list of other health benefits go along with this – curing toothache, helping to improve the firmness of teeth in the gums and reducing tooth and hair loss.

Purifying Properties of Juniper Oil

Juniper Oil can also help with purifying the body in a number of ways – as above, it can help relieve intestinal cramps, but also assists in the correct movement of gas through the body during one-off and chronic episodes.

As a depurative, it is associated with the removal of toxins from the blood, such as heavy metals, uric acid and even unwanted levels of hormones created by the body.

By working as a diuretic, Juniper Oil can also help to increase the rate at which these unwanted substances are expelled from the body, as well as bringing down the body’s water levels during spells of excess hydration.

The list goes on, allowing Juniper Essential Oil to work as a highly versatile functional ingredient as well as imparting a fresh, forest-like fragrance that brings an aspect of aromatherapy to the use of Juniper-based products whether they are pharmaceuticals, cosmetics or perfumes in their own right.

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