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9TH APRIL 2020

Aroma chemicals from India affected by lockdown

The Covid-19 pandemic has affected nearly every global industry and the manufacturing and distribution of aroma chemicals is no exception. ...

24TH MARCH 2020

Cyclozonal and Cyclademol – The natural synthetic aroma chemicals

Synthetic aroma ingredients come from a variety of different sources and, in the case of Cyclozonal and Cyclademol, those origins ...

17TH MARCH 2020

Perfume as a form of art

As National Fragrance Week takes place between March 16th-22nd, it’s the perfect time for some fresh thinking about perfume not ...

13TH MARCH 2020

Essential oils to help you sleep better

The medical community (as well as our parents!) have always emphasised the importance of sleep. A good night’s sleep boosts ...


Scents that people find attractive

A 2017 paper in the Frontiers in Psychology highlighted that senses all play a part in determining someone’s level of ...


Experience the tenacious aroma of Ganolid®

If you are looking for a musky aroma ingredient that comes with a raft of other preferable characteristics, Ganolid® is ...

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