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30TH APRIL 2019

An introduction to Chemshel

by Admin

Chemshel Enterprises was formed at the start of 2005 and has become a major global supplier of Ambrettolide, a synthetic aroma chemical with a sweet floral and musky odour used widely in both fragrance and flavour applications.

The company was created in January of that year with the ethos to confront new situations and new challenges by finding new solutions, rather than expecting to use old answers to newly emerging problems.


Key products from Chemshel

Chemshel’s product range is focused on value-added flavour and fragrance ingredients derived from natural resources in India, and supplied to customers worldwide.

A key fragrance ingredient in this range is Ambrettolide, a macrocyclic musk which in turn is made principally from the raw material Aleuritic Acid.

India is the primary supply market for Aleuritic Acid, which itself is manufactured using the natural resin Seedlac – India produces around four fifths of all Seedlac in the world, and Chemshel was inspired by the desire for success in processing this valuable product.


From Seedlac to Ambrettolide

Chemshel focused on the processing of Seedlac with an aim both to improve the quality of the finished product and to reduce the costs associated with processing it.

By 2009 the company set up a dedicated plant to manufacture Ambrettolide from Seedlac-derived Aleuritic Acid, initially with capacity for up to 24 tonnes per year.

However by 2013, this world-class plant reached 100% capacity and five years after opening it, Chemshel expanded its Ambrettolide production further in 2014, taking it to total annual capacity of 60 metric tonnes.


Becoming a world leader

In less than 15 years Chemshel has established itself as a market-leading global supplier of Ambrettolide to the flavour and fragrance ingredients market.

This successful platform has been built both on the science of Lac and Seedlac cultivation, Aleuritic Acid processing and Ambrettolide production, and on the substantial experience that already existed in the industry in India.

Zanos are proud to supply aroma chemicals manufactured by Chemshel, bringing these world-class fragrance and flavour ingredients to our customers in the UK.

Contact Zanos today to find out more about Ambrettolide, which we supply from Chemshel Enterprises as a synthetic aroma chemical for flavour and fragrance use.

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