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Agan Aroma chemicals join Zanos portfolio

by Admin

Agan Aroma and Fine Chemicals, a leading Israeli manufacturer of synthetic aroma chemical represents a new addition to the Zanos product portfolio, providing an additional selection of high-quality synthetic aroma ingredients within easy reach of all our customers.

The possession of some complex technologies and handling capabilities enables Agan to produce some sophisticated products that make up a range of important molecules.

Some of the key ingredients manufactured by Agan, now available from Zanos are indicated here.

Aleol, the acetate and salicylate are probably best known as leaf alcohol (cis-3-hexenol) and its main esters. Complex chemistry is needed to produce this molecule.

The Astromusk range of polycyclic musks as very well- established range of the most important musks of this type, available in diluents such as DEP, IPM, BB and DPG as well as in the less easy to handle concentrate form. Highly substantive, these musks provide fragrances with a very pleasant lasting effect.

Ganolid represents the other most popular macrocyclic musk, a white powder with subtle yet long-lasting and very pleasant musky notes.

Atralone is a synthetic alternative to natural Oak Moss, with an authentic aroma but a white crystalline solid texture and a high melting point of over 140C. This product is currently in high demand and appears to be in vogue at in a range of fragrance areas.

Delta Damascone is a pale to colourless liquid that offers good stability in cool, dry conditions, with an aroma of flowers and fruits, and especially comparable to that of a rose.

Ganone is a white powder that is slightly soluble in water and freely soluble in most solvents, imparting a greenish aroma with notes of marine scents and specifically of watermelon fruit. This is the high quality version of a product for use in high end fragrances, rather than the lower quality, cheaper products more widely available for use in functional fragrances.

And finally, Heliogan (Helional) is another green marine scent, this time with general floral fragrance in the form of a pale yellow to colourless liquid.

These aroma ingredients form the basis of the Agan Aroma section of the Zanos portfolio under a new supply arrangement, giving excellent access to synthetic versions of highly popular and familiar fragrance ingredients for a wide range of diverse fragrance applications.

Agan Aroma is dedicated to supplying high-quality fragrance ingredients in this way, working under the principle that aroma chemical suppliers like themselves are the silent partners of the flavour and fragrance industry, providing the scents that surround many of us in our everyday lives.

The brand has had global presence for some time now, and works on an ongoing basis to develop new technologies and synthesise new scents to the very highest of standards.

Zanos is delighted to be expand its product portfolio with these important ingredients as a part of its natural growth.

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