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A zest for citrus oils in 2018

by Admin

If you’ve been following the luxury fragrance launches that have taken place over the course of the past year or so, one aroma ingredient you may have seen mentioned time and time again is mandarin oil.

Mandarin oil, like any fragrance ingredient, has its own unique characteristics, but as part of the broader citrus oil family, it also brings familiarity when used in high-end perfumes.

This balance between the familiar and the distinct makes it a great way for luxury perfumes to set themselves apart from others based on more commonly used citrus oils.

But of course, as more and more new perfume launches take advantage of this, mandarin oil becomes increasingly mainstream too – and demand for mandarin oil suppliers continues to grow.


What next for mandarin oil?

Setting aside the other citrus essential oils for the moment, mandarin oil alone is set to see higher levels of demand than in previous years, but is likely to remain a less common fragrance ingredient than orange or lemon essential oils.

It is also a citrus oil that can be harvested at varying levels of ripeness – green to yellow for fragrance ingredients, and orange to red for flavour ingredients – and this helps to maximise yields at harvest time.

Producers are responding to the higher demand by planting a larger amount of mandarin fruit, which should in turn lead to larger quantity supplies of mandarin essential oils in the future.

But in the meantime, a sensible procurement policy for citrus oils is to diversify your choice of supplies either by type of fruit, or by location of origin.


A slice of a mixed market

Whatever the next 12 months might bring for mandarin oils and their use in the mainstream perfume market, we will work hard to respond to the changing stocks, supplies and level of demand, offering stability in this important category of essential oils.

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